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Blueprints Project has an awesome system starting with basic preparedness for every day life, that’s so simple and isn’t overwhelming.

The preparedness guides are incredible! They have given me the knowledge and tools needed to take my lacking preperation and turn it into something I feel confident in. It's like Blueprints Project held my hand and walked me step-by-step through all I needed to know. I'm so grateful!

I was just saved by my Blueprint! My 2 year old had a horrible accident and had to have emergency surgery. I didn't have time to think and pack stuff but luckily I had my Blueprint in my car with everything I needed!

I want my own Blueprint so I can pack the things I like and know I always have everything I need when I'm at school.  

My blueprints are incredible. It's organized, simple and now I'm always ready.

From the bags to the preparedness guides - I LOVE IT ALL!! I look forward to future products. I'm a customer for life.

Water Resistant

Our blueprints are made out of a durable, water resistant material that wipes off easily.

Clear, Individual Pockets

Clear pockets make it easy to identify products, while keeping your favorite things secure.

Locking Pockets

The locking pocket keep little hands out of dangerous medications.

Detachable Pocket

Our detachable pocket zips off, making it convenient to carry your phone, keys, wallet and other quick essentials.

Unique Labeling System

Each pocket is numbered making it easy to organize and identify items.

Welded Zippers

Welded zippers make each pocket completely sealed and water-resistant. If something leaks it is contained in its own pocket.