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EVERYDAY BUNDLE $138 (save $20)

1 Everyday Mini + 1 Everyday Original


I work so hard as a mom to teach my kids life skills.  I want them to be able to do things themselves.  I can't wait for them to have their own Blueprint so they can pack their own stuff and have it with them everyday. It gives me one less thing to worry about. 

Life is always crazy when you have kids, and I’m always looking for ways to enjoy it a little bit more! Having a blueprint will help reassure me that we are prepared no matter how crazy life gets! I have always carried a diaper bag around, and it has failed me on so many occasions. 

I’ve had medicine crushed, lost, or get wet and soggy from being in the diaper bag. This makes me the most nervous when out and about because you NEED those crucial items ready on hand at any moment. Having a leak proof zipper and designated pocket for these items would be GAME CHANGING. 

We were stranded on the freeway for hours.  I wish so bad I would have had a Blueprint with me.  My kids would have had their favorite snacks and I would have had everything I needed to help the time pass quickly.

I want my own Blueprint so I can pack the things I like and know I always have everything I need when I'm at school.  

"My blueprints are incredible It's organized, simple and now I'm always ready."

Water Resistant

Our blueprints are made out of a durable, water resistant material that wipes off easily.

Clear, Individual Pockets

Our blueprints have clear pockets, making it easy to identify products, and keep your favorite things secure.

Locking Pockets

The locking pocket keep small little hands out of dangerous medications.

Detachable Pocket

Our detachable pocket zips off making it convenient to carry your phone, keys, wallet and other quick essentials.

Unique Labeling System

Each pocket is numbered making so it's easy to organize and identify items listed, making it especially easy for kids to pack and find items themselves.

Welded Zippers

Welded zippers make each pocket completely sealed and water-resistant. If something leaks it is contained in its own pocket.


We are all about keeping things simple.  We created a bag that allows you to pack what you love, so you have what you need, when you need it, no matter where you are.  

Our bag features clear, individual zipping pockets with a unique labeling system that is easy for kids to use.  It allows you to see what you’ve packed as well as keeping your items safe and secure, and right where they belong.  

The Original Blueprint was designed for us mamas on the go. You know we ALL live in our cars and secretly wish we were Mary Poppins, having what we need, when we need it.  Well we have created the modern-day Mary Poppin’s bag. 

The Mini Blueprint was designed with our kiddos in mind.  It’s a smaller version that either rolls up like a blueprint or folds like an envelope and fits in any size backpack. Our purpose is to empower our kids to be proactive. They pack what they love, and you send them on their way. 

Just like an architectural blueprint, our bags provide a detailed blueprint at the top with clear instructions ensuring success to anyone who reads it.  

It’s as simple as black and white…replicate your normal and live life in color.

BP + Nixon Strong Foundation

A portion of all sales goes to the Nixon Strong Foundation and helping support families and children battling childhood cancer.