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Thank you so much for coming to our class!! We loved being able to get together and talk about preparedness. On this page you will see the posts, products, and other resources we talked about during the class.  

As a special thank you, we would love to offer you 25% off our online prices. Use the code RICHMOND to get the discount. We also offer lots of free information on our blog and instagram page ( blueprintsproject ) so feel free to check those out! 


GUIDES: These are the guides we teach and reference from. The guides are where we put our hours of research and training all into one place! They have so much good information and will really help you customize your preparedness. The calculators will tell you exactly what you need for your family, how many meals you can make, days your water will last, etc. We love our guides!! 


SHORT-TERM MEAL PLANNER: Plan your short-term food storage meals by using this printout.

REPLENISH SHEET: Our replenish sheet will help you keep track of foods and items that you pull from your short-term or long-term storage that need to be replaced. 

LONG-TERM FOOD STORAGE: We cover how to properly package your own long-term food storage. 

WATER STORAGE: This post shares all of our favorite water storage products and accessories. 

WATER FILTERS: This post will help you know what to look for in a water filter. 


SHOPPING LIST: We have compiled a list of 96-hour kit items to aide you in shopping for and choosing what items you are going to store in your kits. Remember, replicate YOUR normal. Choose the things that you use and would like to have on hand in the event you ever need your 96-hour kits. 

Comfort Kit Items: This link will take you to Kanga Toys Aqua Brush Activity Books - Use code Blue20 for a special discount. 

Thanks again!! Please reach out to use if you have any questions.

Jill & Ashley