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We are so happy that you are interested in our group classes! Please fill out this form to better help us serve you. We are looking forward to meeting you and simplifying preparedness with our modern approach!




THE BASICS:  New to food storage and preparedness? This class is the perfect class for you! We will teach you our unique system that will ensure you build a well-rounded storage!


FOOD STORAGE:  We will discuss short-term, long-term, and how to properly store your food. A favorite of this class is sampling food so you know what foods you like best for your storage!


WATER OPTIONS:  Let’s go over the areas of water storage that are often overlooked. We will discuss our favorite containers, water filters, and everything we feel is necessary for proper water storage. And yes, there will be a sampling of water! We want you to experience just how good our favorite filters really are!


96 HR KITS:  Say goodbye to your 72-hour kits and come learn about building an effective 96-hour kit that will leave you feeling capable of handling any evacuation that could come your way. A favorite of this class is discussing Comfort Kits. The emotional side of a 96-hour kit is just as important as the physical side.


No matter which class you choose, we want you to leave feeling confident in your preparedness.


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