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Everyday Bundle (SAVE $15)
Everyday Bundle (SAVE $15)
Everyday Bundle (SAVE $15)
Everyday Bundle (SAVE $15)
Everyday Bundle (SAVE $15)
Everyday Bundle (SAVE $15)
Everyday Bundle (SAVE $15)
Everyday Bundle (SAVE $15)
Everyday Bundle (SAVE $15)
Everyday Bundle (SAVE $15)
Everyday Bundle (SAVE $15)
Everyday Bundle (SAVE $15)

Everyday Bundle (SAVE $15)

$143.00 $158.00

1 MINI + 1 ORIGINAL. This is the perfect pair, just like peanut butter & jelly. They just go together! Keep the original in your car and the mini goes with you wherever you go. 

Just fill out the attached Blueprint at the top with your information so you'll have it when you need it. Then, replicate your normal, pack what you love and enjoy everyday! 

The Everyday Mini is the perfect size to just roll up and throw in any bag. Kids, moms, dads, travelers, pet name 'em, they need 'em! You'll always have what you need, when you need it, wherever you go.

The Everyday Original is larger and intended to keep with you in the car always making sure you're ready for whatever your day brings so you can say yes with no stress.

The detachable pocket is perfect to just quickly zip off and take your essentials with you on the go. 

Everyday Mini Dimensions: 42"H x 12"W

Everyday Original Dimensions: 50"H x 14”

Pick to Pack
 We want you to replicate your normal and pack the things you love and use everyday.  Here are some suggestions of the things we love to pack in our Blueprints. The sky is the limit! Pack what YOU love!


Extra Clothes:

  • light jacket
  • beanie
  • warm gloves
  • underwear
  • socks
  • shirt
  • pants
  • raincoat 




  • sunscreen
  • diaper
  • wipes
  • diaper rash cream
  • game (spot it, uno, word search etc.)
  • notebook
  • crayons/small colored pencils
  • snacks they love & are used to
  • small suckers/candy


First Aid/Medicine:

  • bandaids
  • antibacterial oint.
  • hand sanitizer
  • essential oils
  • gauze
  • tweezers
  • ibuprofen/tylenol
  • latex gloves
  • antibacterial wipes
  • throw up bags



  • snacks
  • feminine products
  • lotion
  • sunscreen
  • chapstick
  • cash
  • nail clippers
  • tweezers
  • tissues
  • gum
  • mints

Emergency Supplies:

  • light sticks
  • head lamp
  • poncho
  • heat blanket
  • work gloves
  • portable phone charger
  • umbrella
  • hand warmers
  • portable battery jumper





  • personal hygiene items
  • passport
  • supplements
  • vitamins
  • medication
  • make-up
  • snacks
  • chargers
  • headphones
  • documents
  • sunscreen
  • chapstick
  • gum/mints
  • toothbrush/paste


The essentials pack is perfect to start filling up your Blueprint. Simply add it to your order to make it easy to start Blueprinting as soon as your Blueprints arrive in the mail. No worrying about getting to the store to get the basic essentials to get you started. 

It comes with:


Antibiotic ointment


First aid kit

Hand sanitizer

Nail clippers

Pill Container